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Dots Into Boxes

This is an old and popular game for children. It is designed for two players. A large number of dots are put on a piece of paper in rows and columns as shown in the diagram. Now they must be connected into boxes!

What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

The object of the game is to make as many boxes as possible for yourself by connecting only two dots at a time. The first player starts and connects any two dots with a line.

Step 1 Image

Step 2

The second player does the same. And so on, until the sheet of paper becomes filled with lines.

Step 2 Image

Step 3

Now it becomes difficult to add a line that will not allow your opponent to get a box of series of boxes, because one box may lead to another. The trick, if you can do it, is to prevent your opponent from securing boxes and try to get them yourself.

Step 3 Image

Step 4

The player having secured the greatest number of boxes when all are filled in, wins the game. Each box, as won, is identified with an initial or mark, to whom it belongs.

Step 4 Image