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Easy Crafts

Easy Crafts

Easy crafts require less preparation, fewer supplies and are appropriate for even the youngest children -- though they're a blast for the older kids as well! Browse our selection of no mess, no fuss and all fun Easy Crafts, appropriate for children as young as three.


Knots were first used by the earliest man who found it necessary to fasten things together. Primitive man twisted together the ends of vines and other foliage. At different times, tree bark, branches and strips of animal hides and leather were also used.

With the invention of rope, the use of knots became more and more prevalent and important. Ropes, cords, twines and threads are our common means today for making fastenings or knots. These are used constantly on board ship, in lumber camps, in construction, in agriculture, on ranches and in factories and mills and in all industry.Not only in industry, but as a hobby and pastime, the making of knots is full of interest, knowledge and fun. Knots are used, as you know, to fasten together the parts of one or more ropes, cords, twines, etc., or to attach a rope to some such object as a pole, ring, hook or animal.A pictorial description of the more familiar knots are given in this section. A small length of quarter-inch cord is excellent for practicing and learning how to tie knots. The mastery of tying various knots is an amusing pastime and will give you many hours of great pleasure.

Blot Fun

We remember these entertaining creatures from our very young days, and we think that 'Blot Fun' is a fascinating pastime for both young and old.

Clothes Pin Puppets

This is a fascinating bit of pastime for both boys and girls. All you need are some ordinary clothespins that mother uses to hang wet wash up with. Put on your thinking cap. It might be a good idea to copy one of the figures below first before making your own models.

Pipecleaner Art Animals

By using your imagination you can make all sorts of animals, using these rules to guide you. Four pipe cleaners needed for this one.

Pipecleaner Art Birds

You can make all kinds and sizes of birds by following these rules as a basis. Five pipe cleaners are needed for this bird.

Pipecleaner Art Butterfly

Three pipe cleaners are needed to make this.

Pipecleaner Art Chairs

You can make a full set of toy furniture, using these simple rules. Four pipe cleaners are needed for this chair.

Pipecleaner Art Daisy

To suit your fancy you can make all kinds and sizes of flowers, using these rules. Five pipe cleaners and needed for a pretty bloom.

Pipecleaner Art Dragonfly

Remember the time you were in the country and heard and saw the awesome dragonfly as he zoomed past you in flight? Let's make one out of pipe cleaners…

Pipecleaner Art Lapel Ornament

Perhaps you would like to make an ornament that can be pinned to your lapel. Here is a simple entwined heart and arrow emblem to being with.

Pipecleaner Art Little People

You can make their arms and legs assume all sorts of funny shapes, but follow the same rules to make all the little people. Three pipe cleaners are needed.