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Jumping Rabbits

Jumping rabbits may be played by two people, each having a distinctive counter, such as a button, to represent the rabbits.

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What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

Toss a coin for the first move. If you win the toss, you place your counter on the white circle and move it one circle to the left.

Step 2

Each time you win the toss, you move one circle. But if you win it twice in succession, you must move three circles on the second toss.

Step 3

The object of the game is to go around the border and land exactly on the white circle again.

Step 4

If you are forced to overleap the mark by winning the second straight toss, you have to go all the way around a second time.

Step 5

The player who first lands directly on the white circle wins the game.