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Soldier Cap

Here is a method of making a paper hat, which is a great improvement on the old style way, as it produces two neat little plumes on the side of the hat.

What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

Take a piece of paper about 18 inches square and fold it on the diagonal A-A in figure 1, bringing the corner C up to corner B.

Step 2

Fold the points A-A up to the top, along the short dotted lines, so that the result is like figure 2.

Step 3

Fold these points down on the horizontal dotted lines in figure 2, producing figure 3. (The dotted lines in each figure are the folds to be made to produce the next figure.)

Step 4

Fold the points A-A out to make figure 4.

Step 5

Now fold point C down on the dotted line.

Step 6

Crease it sharply along the fold to make figure 5.

Step 7

As a result, this completes one side of the hat, leaving one single triangle of paper sticking up. Fold this down on the other side of the hat on the dotted line in figure 6.

Step 8

When the brim is turned upward, the hat will be complete.