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Here is a sundial that will keep real time.

What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

All you need to do is to cut it out and paste it on a piece of heavy cardboard.

Step 2

Then cut out the two markers (the triangles) and mount them both on cardboard being sure to bend the flap A back on the dotted line so that it is at right angles to the maker (see figure 1).

Step 3

You will note that one marker is for the northern part of the US and the other is for the southern part. If you live north of Tennessee, use the Northern marker, otherwise use the Southern marker.

Step 4

Now paste the folded over flap A on the dial at A so that the marker stands right up at right angles to the dial as shown in the picture on the lower part of the dial.

Step 5

Now you have a real sundial and all you need to do is to point the noon line (the line marked 'noon') to the true north and the shadow of the marker will mark off the correct time.

Step 6

Each long line is the hour. Each next to long line is the half hour and the shortest lines are the quarter hours. The very short lines around the dial on the outside mark off 5 minute intervals.