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The Liberty Bell

Here is an amusing little puzzle that can be constructed out of a thin piece of cardboard or heavy paper.

What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

First fold the cardboard over and start at the handle to cut out the Liberty Bell as pictured in drawing C, so that you will have two joined at the handle by the fold of the paper.

Step 2

Now cut out two other pieces with slits in the center like those marked A and B.

Step 3

The opening in A should be large enough for the bell to pass through and the opening in B large enough for the bell handle.

Step 4

Then, as in Fig. 2, first hang the bell over one arm of the lower fold and bend piece A in the center without creasing it.

Step 5

Now slip piece B all the way around piece A and over the handle of the indicated by the arrows.

Step 6

Straighten out piece A as in Fig. 3. To get the bell off this process is reversed.

Step 7

Hand the completed puzzle to a friend and tell him to take the bell from its support without bending it. After a few minutes he will be ready to swear the trick is impossible.