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Amusement Park

Amusement parks are a thrill, a screamingly good time and there's a little something for everyone. From roller coasters and splashy log rides to bumper cars and arcade games, if you've got a summer birthday, an amusement park is the perfect place for an awesome day with your friends.


If you're lucky and good enough at arcade games, you can land your name on the elite "High Score" list. Some classic video arcade games are Pac Man and Joust, although cool new interactive games come out all the time. What are your favorite games when you go to the arcade?

Cotton Candy

To make cotton candy, sugar and food coloring are heated up until they melt together. Then they leak out of tiny holes in a machine and turn into thin, solid strings as soon as they hit the air. Did you know that cotton candy was originally called "fairy floss?" It sure beats regular old dental floss!

Ferris Wheel

Whew! Need to mellow out after all those rides? Ferris wheels give their passengers a smooth, easy ride and breathtaking views. In fact, many of the world's most famous Ferris wheels, like the London Eye in England and Rue de Paris in France, give their riders an incredible bird's eye view of Europe's two favorite cities.


Won anything lately? Try carnival games like Skeeball and an old favorite, Whac-a-Mole. They test your skills and, more importantly, your good luck. Rack up tokens and redeem them for prizes that catch your eye. Take a few risks and you could bring home an armful of souvenirs!


Before the roller coaster was invented, the idea of little carts on a track, much like the one a train uses, was very popular in mining, where heavy materials had to travel up and down hills. The first American roller coaster as we know it today opened at New York's famous Coney Island fairground in 1884.