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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, is a popular saying and it's right on the money. Apples are packed with vitamin C, fiber and "antioxidants," which are compounds that help the body get rid of bad cells and waste. Check out the apples in this collection, you may discover a new daily favorite.

Apple pie

As American as Apple Pie! The apple pie has long since become an icon for all things American. Whether it is made with fresh, canned or dry apples, the pie rests between two crusts and excellent with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Ask your mom or grandma if you can cook one together.


Fuji apples, true to their name, were invented in Japan from Red Delicious apples. They have a refreshing crisp texture and a sweet taste. Did you know that Fuji apples have one of the longest shelf lives of any fruit? Left in the refrigerator, a Fuji apple can stay fresh up to five months!


Gala Apples came from Australia and, just like the Pink Lady, are a child of the Golden Delicious apple. They are red and pink with yellow stripes and are some of the softest apples around, perfect for older folks and kids with braces. They are sweet and have a very mild flavor, making them a mellow snack.

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious apple was the child of two different kinds of golden apples. The first tree grew in 1914 and the fruit has been a favorite for its sweet, mellow taste and light skin ever since. These apples tend to shrivel and dry out faster than most, so when you get your hands on one, eat it right away!

Granny Smith

Originally, the Granny Smith apple came from Australia. It has a sour, sharp taste and a very hard flesh. This makes it an excellent apple for cooking things such as classic apple pie. Strangely, the Granny Smith apple didn't even come to America until 1972. What was apple pie made of before then?


This apple with its familiar name was discovered in Canada. The Apple Macintosh computer was named after this variety, with the name of the apple misspelled. Even though the correct name is McIntosh, the computer brand has confused everyone. Most times, even in stores, you'll find the incorrect but popular "Macintosh" label.

Pink Lady

A child of the Golden Delicious, the Pink Lady apple needs super-hot and humid temperatures to grow, so it comes to us from Australia and New Zealand. It gets its name from its blush-pink skin against a yellow-green background. Right now, the Pink Lady apple is one of the most popular kinds of apple in the United Kingdom.

Red Delicious

Everybody's seen a Red Delicious apple. They're the dark red ones with five points on the bottom. The first Red Delicious tree was discovered in 1868, in Iowa. At first, everybody just called it "Delicious" until the Golden Delicious apple came along. To this day it is probably one of the most famous apples in the world.