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Boat Trip

Boats can take you to fun beaches and places that you can't reach by car. Boats can also take you to the middle of a lake where you can fish, swim and water ski. You'll come back from your boat trip with a fresh catch for dinner, wet hair and awesome memories.


Grab a fishing rod, a set of hooks and your bait to lure the fish. All the bait you need is a bucket full of dirt and worms. Eww! Stick one of those wiggly guys on a hook and cast it in the water. If the bobber starts jumping up and down, pull hard! Take your catch home and enjoy your hard-earned dinner.

Rope swing

A rope swing near a lake means only one thing. When you're flying high over the water, let go of the rope and jump right into the lake! No water nearby? Tie a sturdy rope around a thick tree branch in your backyard and fasten a board, wooden disk or tire to the bottom with a strong knot. Instant wind in your hair!

Sun Bathing

There is nothing nicer than lying out in the sun with a good book or your favorite music. It's even nicer to warm up after a long, cold swim. Make sure you're wearing the right amount of sunscreen and put another coat on after you've gone swimming. That way you can be happy, tan and healthy, too!

Water Skiing

Standing up on water skis is hard and takes a lot of practice. If you're good, you can do tricks and go off jumps. If you want to take it slow and relax, you can be pulled along on a boogey board or an inner tube to catch all the fun.