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Bouncing Blitz

Bouncing is a very fun activity and releases a lot of stress. It is also great exercise, because you use a lot of different muscles, especially your very important abs. Here is a collection of stamps that feature things that bounce, from your backyard trampoline to Neil Armstrong!

Bouncy House

The inflatable bouncy house or bounce house at your local street fair or birthday party was invented in 1959 by a man who wanted to invent a tennis court cover. The first version was an open-air mattress. In 1967, he added walls. To be flexible but also tough and safe, most bounce houses today are made out of PVC, vinyl or nylon material and puffed up with the help of an engine and a fan.

Diving Board

The diving board is very bouncy and lets divers build up a great upward momentum when they jump. Diving boards, also called spring boards, have to be very light and flexible, so they're made out of fiberglass. This material also takes some of the injury out of a situation when a diver accidentally hits a board on their way down. This happens more often than you'd think. Most diving boards are either one meter or three meters above a pool surface.


Kangaroos are the largest animals who move exclusively by hopping. They're comfortable at speeds of about 13 to 16 miles per hour, but can reach speeds up to 45 mph! Since their feet are so long an thin, they can't walk normally, they can only hop. They're the national animal of Australia and are featured on the Australian flag and on Australian money.

Moon Shoes

When you're on the moon in zero gravity, you bounce around as you walk. Moon Shoes are popular toys that you can strap to your feet. They have springs in them and let you bounce around as you walk, just like you would if you were on the moon. If you don't have a pair, don't try to make your own. Bounce on your bed instead!

Pogo Stick

The pogo stick is a very popular toy that you can use to jump around on. There is a platform for you to stand on as well as a stick to hold on to. The pogo toy has a solid rubber foot that won't slip as you bounce. A spring inside reacts to your weight and launches you back up in the air. The name "pogo" is said to come from the name "Pohlmann & Goppel," a UK company that used to make the toy.


If you watched the Olympics, you probably saw that gymnasts in the events all seemed to leap and jump at great speed into whatever routine they were doing. This is because they ran and jumped onto a springboard before taking flight. A springboard is exactly what it sounds like -- a board with springs underneath. It is a very important part of the vault event, but gymnasts use it to launch into the balance beam and the uneven bars events too.


The very first trampoline was invented by the native Intuit people of North America, who used a walrus skin to toss each other around. In circus applications, clowns figured out the trampoline would be fun after seeing how acrobats landed and bounced in the net below the trapeze. Your backyard trampoline has a high-quality netting that is stretched between a frame and connected to springs. The netting in itself isn't elastic, it's the springs that give it bounce.