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It's great to spend a few days away from regular life and learn about nature. You may be happy to see your shower and your fridge when you get home, but think of all the fun you'll have "roughing it," which is what campers call living out in nature.


A campfire is the heart of a campground. It's built with "kindling," or flammable twigs, leaves and logs. You'll want Mom and Dad's help to build up the flames. Once a campfire is nice and hot, campers can roast potatoes and make s'mores! Mmm. Of course, campfires are great for telling stories and singing songs, too!

Ghost stories

Nobody knows what's lurking in the darkness around a campfire. Shine a flashlight under your chin and use your scariest voice to tell the best ghost story you've ever heard. Make up any story you want, as long as you let your audience know that the ghosts like to roam the woods at night. Boo!


To make s'mores, you will need to roast marshmallows on a stick over a fire until they're brown and soft. Use two pieces of graham cracker, one with a piece of chocolate on it, like a baseball mitt to take the steaming marshmallow off the stick. Yummy! You can, of course, enjoy this treat in the microwave, too.


Whether the tent fits one person or ten, it has to have two important things. One is a fabric covering and the other is some sort of frame to hold it up, sometimes a tent will even be nailed into the ground. Did you know that the famous Native American house, the teepee, is a tent too?