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Card Games

If you're dealing cards for a card game, you have to mind your location. In North America, North and West Europe and Russia, you have to deal clockwise. If you're in South or East Europe, Asia, South America or Switzerland, you have to deal the cards in a counterclockwise direction.

Go Fish

You can play Go Fish, or Fish, with two to ten players. The point is to collect all the cards in a rank, like all the Queens, and get rid of all your cards that way. You start with five to seven cards and get more by drawing them from the pile or asking your opponent.


In Hearts, also called Black Maria, the object is to have the lowest points possible. Certain cards carry a high point value, like the Queen of Spades. The best way to win at Hearts is to pass your bad cards off if you get them. Be careful, giving your buddies the Queen of Spades won't make you any friends.


Kent is all about teamwork. During game play, both people in a team try to get four of a kind. It's sort of like Spoons. The trick is: the other member of your team has to yell out "Kent" when you get four of a kind to win. Successful players must develop a system of signals. Kicking your teammate under the table always works!


In British English, solitaire is called patience. There are many kinds of solitaire, with new innovations like FreeCell and Spider Solitaire popularized by Windows computers. Solitaire is thought to be French in origin, and Napoleon supposedly played solitaire in exile on the island of Saint Helena.


Speed is like War, where players flip cards over and the highest card wins the face-off. The point is to get rid of all your cards. When two players face off with matching cards, they have to quickly slap the pile with fewer cards. If you're not quick, you end up with more cards.


Every player gets four cards and the dealer starts passing cards, one by one, around the table. You can take a card and throw away one of your cards, or pass one of your own. There is one less spoon on the table than the number of players. The first player to get four of a kind grabs a spoon. The person who doesn't get a spoon is out.


War is a game of chance, where players flip cards over to face off. The highest card wins all the other cards in the pile. The point is to end up with all the cards. Every once in a while, there will be a tie, in which case players have to go to "war," hence the name of the game.