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Fun Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a great chance to let your creativity shine. Use your unique interests and talents to think of a theme and then create a cake, decorations, costumes, party favors and activities that fit your dream. From a jungle adventure to an underwater castle, pick a theme as special as you are!

Fashion Show

Go to the Goodwill or the local dollar store to get a bag of wacky clothes and over-the-top accessories. Have your friends mix and match the silliest, most interesting costumes. Clear a track in the living room, angle all the lamps and pump the music. You're the star of your own fashion show!


Aloha! To have a traditional luau feast, ask your parents to pick up a pupu platter, or a plate of traditional appetizers, form a local Hawaiian or Chinese restaurant. Did you know that you can begin this party the exact same way you end it? In Hawaiian, "aloha" means both "hello" and "goodbye."


If you haven't got a trained magician handy for your party, learn some tricks yourself. Look online for basic card tricks or, for the low-tech version, grip a pen between your index and middle finger. Move your hand up and down very quickly and voila! A pen that looks as floppy as a wet noodle. How does it work? We'll never tell.

Outer Space

Believe it or not, astronauts can enjoy very perishable foods, such as ice cream, in space. Ask your parents to search online for a place that sells freeze dried astronaut food. Your friends will never forget biting into a chunk of astronaut ice cream, which flew into space for the first time in 1968.

Pirate Themed

Shiver me timbers, it's a pirate's life for you. Treat your scurvy mates to chicken wings that you can call Parrot Wings, Pirate Punch and gold chocolate coins that you can find in many party stores. Hand out eye-patches and plastic hooks as favors and give a prize to any friend that shows up with a peg leg.

Princess Themed

Dress up in sparkly dresses and figure out your secret talent. Every princess has one. Some talk to animals, others see the good in everybody. Set up place cards at a table and add ‘Princess' to everybody's names. Feast on pink cupcakes, pink lemonade and strawberries dipped in chocolate, your highness!

Safari Themed

For a good safari party you can go to the park and explore the 'wilderness.' The word “safari" means travel in Farsi and journey in Swahili. You'll need binoculars and a journal to keep track of all the animals you see on yours. For adult adventurers, Africa is a popular safari attraction for big game viewing, hunting and photography.


Make sure Mom and Dad order pizza and get out of the way. Take over the den and play sleepover games like truth or dare and hide and seek. Tell secrets, stay up way past your bedtime and wake up in the morning to make pancakes. Your parents won't get any sleep and neither will you, but that's the fun!


In the Olympics, the athletes compete in 302 events in 28 sports. For your sports party, you can just make your own. An event could be as simple as popping the most balloons in two minutes or running a three-legged race. You can buy trophies or ribbons at a local craft store to give to your friends.

Tea Party

"Oh governor, would you like a spot of tea?" English tea parties always have a supply of tea and tea sandwiches involved. To make the classic English cucumber sandwich, use white bread and spread cream cheese on each side. Slice a cucumber very thin and arrange the slices in between. Remember, tea time is at four o'clock!