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Pool Party

Splash! As soon as school is out for the summer most kids just want one thing: a pool party! Whether you're swimming up a storm in your backyard or tanning at the recreation center with friends from your neighborhood, you can keep fit and stay cool at the pool.

Diving Board

Diving is an Olympic sport and people from all over the world compete to test their skills. Diving is hard and dangerous, so be careful. Start with a low diving board and make sure your parents are there to applaud your graceful dives, and your not-so-graceful ones.

Hot Tub

A hot tub can be a great way to relax after swimming all those laps. Special jets of water and air are designed to give you an underwater massage. A lot of people like this quick spa getaway - over 10,000 hot tubs are manufactured every year!


A swimmer's best friend, pools have been around since the ancient Greeks. Back then, they were made with tiles and a tar sealant. The first heated pool was Roman and three thousand years old.


Race your friends in the pool. Not only will you become an excellent swimmer, you'll have the thrill of competition and, we hope, a taste of victory. Swim more than one lap or turn around underwater to up the ante and improve your skills.

Water Slide

Water park slides are many stories tall and built to keep you racing through the fiberglass tubes. You can make a water slide in your own backyard. Ask your parents to help you set up a slip-and-slide: all you need is a long roll of slippery material, a garden hose and some dishwashing liquid. It's a fun summer project!