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Tropical Fruits

Fruits grow best in tropical climates. All over the world, farmers know which fruits and plants grow best in which tropical zones. There are humid tropics, like the rainforest, arid tropics, like the deserts, and monsoon zones, where there is a clear hot and cold season. No matter where they come from, tropical fruits are delicious!


Bananas are native to Southeast Asia and Australia. A bunch of bananas can sometimes have up to 400 fruits on them. There are many different types of bananas but the type you'll find in your store is most likely the Cavendish variety.


The green, bumpy breadfruit gets its name from its taste. It comes from the Pacific Islands and is a staple food in many cultures for its hearty, starchy consistency. It can be baked or boiled and tastes like potatoes or... you guessed it, fresh-baked bread.


The Cherimoya is a delicious fruit from Peru and very strange because it likes to grow at high altitudes. It is sweet, with dark seeds, and has a soft, sorbet texture that earns it another name: custard apple.


Guava are small, sweet, pear-shaped fruits grown in Central America, South America and Mexico. The whole fruit can be eaten and the rind is a great source of fiber. The easiest way to try guava is to buy guava nectar in the juice aisle.


The Lychee is native to China and looks like a big, bumpy cranberry. Once the red shell is removed, though, the lychee has one big brown seed and sweet, delicious flesh inside. It is high in vitamin C and has the texture of a grape.


Mangoes, like bananas, were originally cultivated in Southeast Asia, as well as on the Indian subcontinent. They come in over 1,000 varieties and are famous in Indian cuisine for their usefulness in various sweet and savory chutneys.


Papaya fruit are native to Mexico, Central and South America. They are sweet and mild and are eaten ripe or raw, especially in Thai cuisine. The black papaya seeds are very spicy and are sometimes used instead of black peppercorns.


Passionfruit is native to South America and grown in many tropical climates. There are two varieties of the sweet fruit - yellow and purple - and they are eaten raw, juiced, made into jam or canned. In Hawaii, they eat it raw and in Brazil, they make it into a mousse.


Plantains look like green, unripe bananas and they're in the same family. They are a staple food in many countries, like potatoes are, and require cooking unlike the bananas we know. They are especially popular in Puerto Rico and Brazil.