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How Handipoints Works

In addition to powerful parenting tools for creating Chore, Behavior, and Study Charts, Handipoints features HandiLand, a safe virtual world where kids adopt their own cartoon cat, play games and watch movies. Free members can upgrade to the Cool Cats Club to unlock special clothes, furniture, and games. Great for kids from 5 to 13, Handipoints helps teach kids how to work and save for fun virtual rewards.
Task chart
Parents Create Task Charts and Goals With Kids
Complete Task
Kids Complete Tasks and check them off
Parents Grade Tasks and award Points
Kids Save Up Points to buy Virtual Rewards

Choose the cost of any Savings Goals to fit your family budget. Choose from free activities like “TV time” and special rewards like a new video game or toy. Start out with a free HandiLand account to meet friends and play games or upgrade to the Cool Cats Club to unlock special features and rewards.