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Indoor Games

Indoor Games

Indoor games range from board games and strategy games for two or more kids that can all be played with few supplies and simple preparation. Check out this category for ideas that will spark hours of indoor fun!

Capturing Enemy Soldiers

Two persons can play this military game. There are 25 groups of enemy soldiers on the battlefield. Five each of ones, twos, fives, tens and twenties.

The object of the game is to see who can cover the last group so that the combined captured men will total 100. For example: 20, 20, 20, 20, 10, 5, 5. The player who covered the last 5 wins.

Flipping Cards

A fun game of accuracy and hand-eye coordination that you can play indoors.


A fun game for parties and to entertain your friends.

Battle In The Sky

The winner of this game will be the one who has the best sense of direction. Two persons may play, one choosing the white group of airplanes and the other taking the black group.

Building Matches On a Milk Bottle

Amuse yourself by piling matches on top of the milk bottle. With care and caution, you can use up a complete kitchen box of matches, and build quite a mound.

Dots Into Boxes

This is an old and popular game for children. It is designed for two players. A large number of dots are put on a piece of paper in rows and columns as shown in the diagram. Now they must be connected into boxes!

Jumping Rabbits

Jumping rabbits may be played by two people, each having a distinctive counter, such as a button, to represent the rabbits.

Ping-Pong Ball Hockey

This game is very amusing and very exciting if properly played. All you need is a ping-pong ball and a ping-pong or dining room table.

Rabbit Party

Two or more persons may play this game, it has a lot of educational and math value.

Ring Pencil

'Ring Pencil' is a fascinating game that can be played by any number of persons.

Sense of Touch

A very simple game that will test your sense of touch.

Shuffle Board Table Game

An action-filled game for two or more players.