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Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks

Every child can use more magic in their day, so here is a collection of magic tricks that are easy, safe and fun for even the youngest magicians. From card tricks to disappearing coins to optical illusions, find your "Abracadabra!" activities here.

Disappearing Coin

This is a trick to help astound and amaze your friends, where you make a coin disappear!

Paper Spiral On Pencil

With only a paper spiral and an ordinary pencil, you can make magic to wow your friends!

Magic Drinking Glass

All that is necessary to perform this trick is a small piece of paper, a match, a glass and a saucer filled with water.

Paper Rings

This is a very interesting trick that you can do with paper.

Pretty Paper Box

Here is a clever paper magic stunt. You can make a very pretty little square box, so securely fastened that it cannot easily be taken apart.

The Liberty Bell

Here is an amusing little puzzle that can be constructed out of a thin piece of cardboard or heavy paper.