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Labor Day

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

A vacation from work for most Americans, Labor Day also means the end of summer and a return to school and cooler weather. Pick your back to school outfit carefully! Popular superstition, without any real rhyme or reason, has many people believe that it is improper to wear white after Labor Day.

  1. 1. When does Labor Day happen?
    1. a. Beginning of summer
    2. b. End of winter
    3. c. End of summer
  2. 2. What color don't people wear after Labor Day?
    1. a. Black
    2. b. White
    3. c. Red
  3. 3. What does Labor Day mean?
    1. a. A day of work
    2. b. A weekend
    3. c. A day off of work