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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Before the roller coaster was invented, the idea of little carts on a track, much like the one a train uses, was very popular in mining, where heavy materials had to travel up and down hills. The first American roller coaster as we know it today opened at New York's famous Coney Island fairground in 1884.

  1. 1. When did the first American roller coaster open?
    1. a. 1893
    2. b. 1857
    3. c. 1884
  2. 2. What did carts used to carry?
    1. a. Snacks
    2. b. Men
    3. c. Heavy materials
  3. 3. Where did carts and tracks evolve?
    1. a. Mines
    2. b. Theme parks
    3. c. Logging operations