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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Apollo is the sun god, the deity of light and truth. He also dabbled in music, poetry, archery and being the god of prophecies. Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis and was said to be the most beautiful male god on Mount Olympus. His symbols were the bow, the lyre, which is a musical instrument, and the laurel plant.

  1. 1. Who was the sun god?
    1. a. Mars
    2. b. Apollo
    3. c. Zeus
  2. 2. Who was Apollo's twin?
    1. a. Demeter
    2. b. artemis
    3. c. Athena
  3. 3. What was one of Apollo's symbols?
    1. a. Harp
    2. b. Flute
    3. c. Lyre