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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Athena is the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom. She is the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Ares, the war god. Zeus is said to have given birth to her right out of his head, so it is no surprise that her highest power is her intellect. She is the wisest of the gods and goddesses, and also rules reason and warfare, both things that take a lot of intelligence. Her symbols are the owl and the olive branch.

  1. 1. Who is the Greek goddess of wisdom?
    1. a. Aphrodite
    2. b. Aries
    3. c. Athena
  2. 2. Who is Athena's father?
    1. a. Aries
    2. b. Mars
    3. c. Zeus
  3. 3. What is one of Athena's symbols?
    1. a. Olive branch
    2. b. Dove
    3. c. Harp