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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Hera was an important character on Mount Olympus, and not just because she was Zeus' wife. She was the goddess of family, children and childbirth and, in ancient Greece, where women had to give birth naturally and without hospitals or medicine, every family depended on her to grow. Her symbol is the peacock, though her pride must have taken a hit when Zeus had any number of his many affairs.

  1. 1. Who was Zeus' wife?
    1. a. Hera
    2. b. Demeter
    3. c. Athena
  2. 2. What was Hera goddess of?
    1. a. Bees
    2. b. Men
    3. c. Family
  3. 3. What was one of Hera's symbols?
    1. a. Peacock
    2. b. Seagull
    3. c. Crow