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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The month of Shawwal is the tenth month of the Islamic calendar and comes right after the month of Ramadan. During this month, devoted Muslims fast for six additional days. According to some Islamic beliefs, this is equal to fasting for an entire year and is a tradition of the very faithful.

  1. 1. How many days do Muslims fast for during Shawwal?
    1. a. 5
    2. b. 4
    3. c. 6
  2. 2. What does Shawwal come after?
    1. a. Ramadan
    2. b. Halal
    3. c. Noruz
  3. 3. What number month is Shawwal?
    1. a. 11th
    2. b. 10th
    3. c. 7th