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Arctic Fox

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Smaller than the White Wolf, the Arctic Fox lives in even colder climates and has many special features, like body fat and unique blood vessels, to keep it from freezing in the cold. They eat small animals like voles and lemmings and during the summer can be found by the water, trying to catch a seal pup or two.

  1. 1. What does an Arctic Fox eat?
    1. a. Twigs and berries
    2. b. Salmon
    3. c. Voles and lemmings
  2. 2. What does an Arctic Fox have?
    1. a. Sharp teeth
    2. b. Body fat
    3. c. A small head
  3. 3. What is the Arctic fox smaller than?
    1. a. A cat
    2. b. The White Wolf
    3. c. A small dog