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Arctic Hare

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The Artic hare lives in the harshest, coldest regions of Canada, Greenland and Russia. The further up North the hare lives, the whiter its fur. They eat mainly twigs and berries and because of their strong sense of smell, they can dig for food that has been buried in the snow for months.

  1. 1. What do Arctic hares eat?
    1. a. Meat
    2. b. Fish
    3. c. Twigs and berries
  2. 2. The further up North an Arctic hare lives, the...
    1. a. whiter its fur.
    2. b. sharper its teeth.
    3. c. blacker its eyes.
  3. 3. Where does the Arctic hare live?
    1. a. Iceland
    2. b. Russia
    3. c. Mexico