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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Lemmings are part of the rodent family. Unlike most animals, lemmings do not hibernate in the winter - they hunt for small plants and food to eat in the Arctic cold. There is a bogus myth that they commit mass suicide by jumping off of cliffs. Actually, lemmings are very solitary creatures and hardly ever get together in large groups.

  1. 1. Lemmings are...
    1. a. Group animals
    2. b. Suicidal
    3. c. Solitary animals
  2. 2. Lemmings do not...
    1. a. Hibernate
    2. b. Eat
    3. c. Mate
  3. 3. What family are Lemmings in?
    1. a. Weasel
    2. b. Rodent
    3. c. Cat