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Snowy Owl

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

A Snowy Owl is large, with bright yellow eyes and feathers that are almost completely white. It nests in the ground, building a cave for itself and preying on small rodents. People breed them, but they need plenty of room to live. A Snowy Owl stands over two feet tall and has a wingspan of 60 inches!

  1. 1. Where does a Snowy Owl make its cave?
    1. a. In a rock
    2. b. On the ground
    3. c. On a tree
  2. 2. What color feathers does a Snowy Owl have?
    1. a. Gray
    2. b. White
    3. c. Brown
  3. 3. What color eyes does a Snowy Owl have?
    1. a. Green
    2. b. Yellow
    3. c. Black