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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

If you watched the Olympics, you probably saw that gymnasts in the events all seemed to leap and jump at great speed into whatever routine they were doing. This is because they ran and jumped onto a springboard before taking flight. A springboard is exactly what it sounds like -- a board with springs underneath. It is a very important part of the vault event, but gymnasts use it to launch into the balance beam and the uneven bars events too.

  1. 1. Where can you see a springboard?
    1. a. The gym
    2. b. The Olympics
    3. c. The highway
  2. 2. Where are a springboard's springs located?
    1. a. Between the boards
    2. b. Under the board
    3. c. On top of the board
  3. 3. What event do gymnasts use a springboard for?
    1. a. Barrel roll
    2. b. Vault
    3. c. Splits