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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Until you learn to drive, the world below the steering wheel can seem complicated. Cars have a small gas pedal and a large brake pedal. In cars with manual transmission, there is also a "clutch" pedal that the driver uses when they shift gears. Automatic cars let the driver drive with the right foot only, while manual cars take two feet to drive.

  1. 1. What size is a brake pedal?
    1. a. Huge
    2. b. Small
    3. c. Medium
  2. 2. In a manual car, what is the third pedal?
    1. a. Clutch
    2. b. Gas
    3. c. Brake
  3. 3. What size is a gas pedal?
    1. a. Medium
    2. b. Small
    3. c. Huge