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Chow Mein

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Much like Fried Rice, Chow Mein is a dish that uses what the cook has in the fridge and what the family likes to eat. There is a noodle base with scallions and cabbage as main ingredients, and then veggies and meats, from pork to chicken to shrimp, are added to spice up the flavor.

  1. 1. What is one of the main ingredients?
    1. a. Lettuce
    2. b. Tomatoes
    3. c. Cabbage
  2. 2. What kind of base does chow mein have?
    1. a. Noodle
    2. b. Rice
    3. c. Dough
  3. 3. What does chow mein include?
    1. a. Whatever's in the fridge
    2. b. Specialty ingredients
    3. c. Rice