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Kung Pao Chicken

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The preparation for Kung Pao chicken originates in the Sichuan province of China, and to be authentic, the dish must use Sichuan peppers and peppercorns. Western versions have peanuts and chili peppers. Watch out for this one, it is packed with a fiery flavor. If you like spicy food, be sure to give Kung Pao chicken a try.

  1. 1. What kind of flavor does this dish have?
    1. a. Fiery
    2. b. Mild
    3. c. Sweet
  2. 2. What kind of peppers must Kung Pao preparation use?
    1. a. Sichuan
    2. b. Chili
    3. c. Milk
  3. 3. Where does the Kung Pao preparation originate?
    1. a. Mongolia
    2. b. The Sichuan province
    3. c. Japan