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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The first mention of juggling was on an Egyptian tomb painting in the 15th century. Jugglers throw a continuous loop of balls, bean bags, pins and rings. Sometimes adventurous jugglers will juggle chainsaws or knives. The word juggling comes from Middle English and means to perform tricks.

  1. 1. What language did "juggling" come from?
    1. a. French
    2. b. Middle English
    3. c. Spanish
  2. 2. Where was juggling first mentioned?
    1. a. Russian bathhouse
    2. b. Egyptian tomb
    3. c. French cave
  3. 3. When was the world's first mention of juggling?
    1. a. 15th century
    2. b. 16th century
    3. c. 14th century