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Giant Octopus

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Sailors once believed that giant octopi would pull down ships and eat men whole. The real giant octopus can reach up to 30 feet and weigh 600 pounds, but is shy and only comes out at night. Much like humans are left or right-handed, octopi have a favorite out of their eight tentacles.

  1. 1. When do giant octopi come out?
    1. a. Night
    2. b. Morning
    3. c. Noon
  2. 2. How much can a giant octopus weigh?
    1. a. 200 pounds
    2. b. 1000 pounds
    3. c. 600 pounds
  3. 3. Who did sailors think caused shipwrecks?
    1. a. Giant octopi
    2. b. Sharks
    3. c. Whales