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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Wolf-eels are nasty predators. They are very flexible and can curl their bodies to fit into the caves and crevices where they live. They hunt at night and spring out of their hiding place at unsuspecting prey. On the cute side, they live in the same cave as their mate, laying eggs and raising a family together.

  1. 1. Who does a wolf-eel live with?
    1. a. Its mate
    2. b. A crab
    3. c. A shark
  2. 2. Where do wolf-eels live?
    1. a. Caves
    2. b. Open ocean
    3. c. Coral reefs
  3. 3. What at wolf-eels?
    1. a. Vegetarians
    2. b. Prey
    3. c. Predators