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Midwater Jelly

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The midwater jellyfish is a jellyfish that lives in the deep sea. When the jellyfish is threatened, the tentacles glow blue and red. If a hunter gets too close, its tentacles drop off, just like lizard tails. It feeds by waiting for a fish or smaller jellyfish to swim into range. When prey is close, the midwater jelly springs on them and enjoys its lunch!

  1. 1. What can a Midwater jellyfish do?
    1. a. Drop its tentacles
    2. b. Eviscerate its organs
    3. c. Squirt out ink
  2. 2. What color do the Midwater jellyfish's tentacles glow?
    1. a. Yellow and green
    2. b. Blue and red
    3. c. Orange
  3. 3. Where does the Midwater jellyfish live?
    1. a. Deep sea
    2. b. Surface
    3. c. Coral Reef