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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The object of dodgeball, which is a very popular game in PE classes in elementary, middle and high school, is to dodge the ball being thrown by the other team. Every time a player throws a ball and hits someone from the other team, the player who got hit is out. Every time a player throws a ball and the other player catches it, the thrower is out. If the ball bounces, then the other team can catch it and throw it.

  1. 1. Where is dodgeball popular?
    1. a. At Sunday school
    2. b. In PE class
    3. c. In England
  2. 2. Who is out in dodgeball?
    1. a. The first person to fall
    2. b. The person who is hit
    3. c. The player who plays longest
  3. 3. How can the thrower be out?
    1. a. If they hit someone
    2. b. If their target catches the ball
    3. c. If their ball bounces