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Grand Canyon

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Formed by the Colorado River and found in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the oldest national parks in America and owes a lot to Teddy Roosevelt, who saw the canyon as a national treasure. Going layer by layer in its orange rock, scientists can learn about every period of weather and history going back over 2 billion years.

  1. 1. Where is the Grand Canyon?
    1. a. Texas
    2. b. California
    3. c. Arizona
  2. 2. Who saw the canyon as a national treasure?
    1. a. Teddy Roosevelt
    2. b. Bill Clinton
    3. c. George Washington
  3. 3. What river formed the Grand Canyon?
    1. a. The Arizona River
    2. b. The Delta River
    3. c. The Colorado River