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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Dragonflies look a little bit like a helicopter. They're ancient, they've been around for 320 million years. Today, they play a very helpful role by eating their natural prey, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes carry the Malaria virus, which is deadly to many humans. Dragonflies make sure the mosquito population stays under control.

  1. 1. What do dragonflies eat?
    1. a. Mosquitoes
    2. b. Moss
    3. c. Pollen
  2. 2. How many years have dragonflies been around?
    1. a. 30 billion
    2. b. 100 million
    3. c. 320 million
  3. 3. What does a dragonfly look like?
    1. a. A plane
    2. b. A helicopter
    3. c. A star