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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Hoverflies look a lot like bees, right down to the stripes and markings on their bodies. They are excellent pollinators but, unlike bees, they are also predators. They eat pests like the harmful leafhopper. Gardeners will try to attract hoverflies by planting buckwheat, parsley and chamomile.

  1. 1. What attracts a hoverfly?
    1. a. Chamomile
    2. b. Roses
    3. c. Daisies
  2. 2. Hoverflies are...
    1. a. Vegetarians
    2. b. Omnivores
    3. c. Predators
  3. 3. What do hoverflies look like?
    1. a. Bees
    2. b. Mosquitoes
    3. c. Dragonflies