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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Checkers also goes by the international name ‘draughts.' This game comes to us from ancient times. In the British Museum, there are specimens of a checkers board used by the ancient Egyptians. Every country has a different set of rules for checkers, with over 20 varieties named things like Canadian checkers or Brazilian checkers, according to their country of origin.

  1. 1. How many different rules for checkers are there?
    1. a. 50
    2. b. 30
    3. c. 20
  2. 2. Who used checkers?
    1. a. Ancient Egyptians
    2. b. Ancient Romans
    3. c. Ancient Greeks
  3. 3. What is another name for "checkers"?
    1. a. Draughts
    2. b. Spots
    3. c. Chess