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Festival of Souls

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The August Festival of Souls, or "o-bon" in Japanese culture is the day when ancestor's souls return to this world. On this day, the Japanese visit family graves and pay their respects to the dead. They also practice "shoro-nagashi" - they build paper boats to carry the souls of ancestors down the river and out to sea.

  1. 1. What do Japanese build for the Festival of Souls?
    1. a. Bouquets
    2. b. Paper boats
    3. c. Lanterns
  2. 2. What happens on the Festival of Souls?
    1. a. Halloween
    2. b. Ghosts walk the planet
    3. c. An ancestor's spirit returns
  3. 3. What is Festival of Souls in Japanese?
    1. a. du-bon
    2. b. o-bon
    3. c. bon-a-roo