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Star Festival

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The Star Festival is a festival of beauty and poetry. Speaking of poetry, the Japanese culture is famous for short and very popular poems called "haiku." The first line of a haiku is 5 syllables, the next line is 7 syllables and the last line is 5 again. Try writing your own!

  1. 1. How many syllables are in the first and last lines of a haiku poem?
    1. a. 6
    2. b. 5
    3. c. 7
  2. 2. What is Japan famous for?
    1. a. Shakespeare
    2. b. Novels
    3. c. Haiku
  3. 3. What does the Star Festival celebrate?
    1. a. Poetry
    2. b. Prose
    3. c. Dramaturgy