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Harvest Festival Day

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Harvest Festival Day, also called Chuseok or Hangawi, is a fall harvest festival. Koreans eat rice cakes steamed on pine needles and head back to their hometowns for a festival that's like American Thanksgiving. They get together with their extended family and visit ancestral grave sites to remember their roots.

  1. 1. Koreans eat special cakes for Harvest Festival, steamed on what kind of needles?
    1. a. Evergreen
    2. b. Pine
    3. c. Oak
  2. 2. Harvest Festival is like which American holiday?
    1. a. Halloween
    2. b. Thanksgiving
    3. c. Christmas
  3. 3. Which season do Koreans celebrate Harvest Festival during?
    1. a. Summer
    2. b. Spring
    3. c. Fall