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National Foundation Day

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

South Koreans celebrate National Foundation Day on October 3rd. It celebrates the myth that Korea was founded by King Dangun in 2333 B.C. The name of the festival in Korean means "the day the sky opened," because Koreans believe that they are direct descendants of Heaven or a heavenly god.

  1. 1. National Foundation Day has another name. What is it?
    1. a. The day the moon smiled
    2. b. The day the Koreans came home
    3. c. The day the sky opened
  2. 2. Which King founded Korea?
    1. a. King Dangun
    2. b. King Hansik
    3. c. King Chulseok
  3. 3. When do South Koreans celebrate National Foundation Day?
    1. a. October 3rd
    2. b. July 4th
    3. c. August 17th