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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The violin as we know it was developed in 16th century Italy, where the craft of fiddle-making was perfected. Don't worry, the "fiddle" isn't a joke about a violin, a lot of violins are called this name, no matter what style they're used for. A person who works with violins is called a luthier. It's four steel strings are usually played with a bow of horsehair or plucked with the violinist's fingers.

  1. 1. Where was the craft of making violins perfected?
    1. a. France
    2. b. Italy
    3. c. Spain
  2. 2. Who works on a violin?
    1. a. A luthier
    2. b. A fiddle maker
    3. c. A musician
  3. 3. What kind of bow does a violinist use?
    1. a. Horsehair
    2. b. Human hair
    3. c. Synthetic