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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

There are many different kinds of stores, especially with the advent of online shopping. Whether you go to a department store, a retail store or a marketplace, the term “retail" means to sell in small quantities. The first supermarket opened in America in the 1920's and was the first time a store offered self-service, or products that customers could browse without help.

  1. 1. What did the first supermarket offer?
    1. a. Great selection
    2. b. Self-service
    3. c. Low prices
  2. 2. When did the first supermarket open?
    1. a. 1920's
    2. b. 1950's
    3. c. 1930's
  3. 3. What does "retail" mean?
    1. a. Sell in a building
    2. b. Sell online
    3. c. Sell in small quantities