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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Historians are having problems figuring out when parsnips were first used in food. Back in the day of the ancient Greeks and Romans, carrots were either white or purple. In writings from the time, it is very difficult to distinguish between these ancient carrots and parsnips, which are roots and also white in color. The main difference between parsnips and carrots is that parsnips have a much stronger flavor and less sugar.

  1. 1. Carrots used to be what color?
    1. a. Orange
    2. b. White
    3. c. Yellow
  2. 2. Why were carrots and parsnips confusing to historians?
    1. a. They weren't written about
    2. b. They weren't used in ancient cooking
    3. c. They were the same color
  3. 3. Parsnips have less of this than carrots do...
    1. a. Sugar
    2. b. Protein
    3. c. Fat