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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Potatoes came from an area in Peru, but now they are the world's fourth largest crop after rice, wheat and corn. Peru and Chile are still home to most of the world's varieties of potato, with hundreds of different varieties growing in the Andes Mountains. All over the world, people eat about 73 pounds of potatoes a year.

  1. 1. Where did potatoes come from?
    1. a. Africa
    2. b. France
    3. c. Peru
  2. 2. Which mountains grow a lot of potatoes?
    1. a. The Alps
    2. b. Rocky Mountains
    3. c. The Andes
  3. 3. How many pounds of potatoes do people eat a year?
    1. a. 73
    2. b. 39
    3. c. 25