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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Turnips are good for human food as well as livestock food. Smaller, more tender turnips are good for human eating. They can be roasted or made into mash. The flesh contains a lot of vitamin C. People even sautee up turnip greens or put them in a salad. The greens themselves contain a lot of very healthy vitamin A.

  1. 1. What other species eats turnips?
    1. a. Cats
    2. b. Livestock
    3. c. Crows
  2. 2. What can one do with turnips?
    1. a. Make them into mash
    2. b. Grill them
    3. c. Stuff them
  3. 3. What vitamin do turnips have in them?
    1. a. Vitamin B
    2. b. Vitamin C
    3. c. Vitamin A